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1) How can I view and download the complete product catalog?

Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button on home page and the catalog will start downloading in your PC automatically.


2) How can I create my account?

Please click on the link on our home page and fill all the information. After the submission you will get activation link on your registered e-mail address. Your account will get activated once you click on the activation link received in your email box.


Please check your spam box if you do not find the email in your Inbox.


3) How do I retrieve my password?

Your email ID is your user name. The only thing you need to remember is your e-mail ID. Type in your e-mail ID and press “forgot password”, your password would be e-mailed to your registered e-mail ID instantly. In case, you do not remember your user name, then you need to register once again.


4) Where can I find the prices?

Please find Price Request button on our Home page. Fill the given form and submit it. We will e-mail you the price list within 48 business hours.


5) How can I place an order?

You can place an order online or you can also download our catalog and e-mail your order quantities with our article numbers at . We will reply with our Best Offer within 48 Business hours.


6) Can I make a sample order?

Yes, you can order some articles to test our quality and we accept PayPal payment in this case.

Please note we do not accept PayPal payment in bulk order quantities.


7) What is the minimum order quantity?

As we keep serving to the Clients all over the world, we may be out of the Stock for some of the products you may order. So, the minimum order quantity required for the production is 100 pieces per article.


8) Can I order my own design (laser marking) or customization?

Yes, we shall be happy to make any logo or name on certain items (metallic) through laser marking. For more details, please click on the link Besides this, we can also produce exclusive models of yours on demand in Metal, Glass and Wood and can also make a mould for plastic products. If you are interested to buy them for long terms in bulk quantities, please do inquire from us for a tie up.


9) What is the delivery time?

Delivery time of your order depends on your order quantity and articles. Sometimes, we have ready stocks of our most selling articles. If you choose to order those items, then the delivery dispatch of your order can be within 14 days, otherwise our standard production time of the goods is approximately 5-6 weeks.


10) What is the mode of shipping?

For US clients, we ship normally through FedEx Air Freight, door to door delivery. Once the goods are shipped you do not have to bother for custom clearance, it’s all done by FedEx. For non US clients, in case of smaller volume (Up to 500 Kilos) FedEx freight comes out to be more economical and in bulky shipment (over 700 kilos), Sea Freight is advisable.


11) What is the shipment transit time?

Shipment transit time is 4-5 Business days through FedEx, and Sea Freight transit time is up to 5 weeks.


12) What is the freight cost of my order?

Freight cost would be calculated on the total volume of your order, but for economical shipping charges we need minimum 72 kilograms shipment (LBS 160), the air freight cost of 160 Lbs is approximately US$ 495 through FedEx.


13) Can I use my courier account for importation of goods?

We have learnt that in case of importation of goods, it’s too expensive for you to use your own account. We get special freight rates from FedEx for exports, which we pass on to our clients, so that they can save maximum money on freight charges.


14) What are the terms of payment?

Our terms of payment are 50% advance and balance including freight charges before the dispatch of shipment. The delivery time would be calculated from the time receipt of an advance from you.


15) Why should I buy from you?

We are one of the largest and genuine producers of Smoking Accessories in India since 2003. Obviously, buying directly from us will be economical and beneficial for you and you can easily distribute/ wholesale our products to others.


16) What about the quality standard?

Each piece is checked and passed through a tough quality test before shipping and we believe in honesty. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority.  We assure you our best qualitative services at all times.


17) Would I get a refund if the product is damaged or bad in quality?

Yes, we will refund your money and would be happy to replace it in that case.


18) Who should buy from ballgrinder?

We only prefer wholesalers and distributers or a chain of retailers. Small retailers and individual buyers are excused!